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Jewish World Review

June 8, 2003
Not to transmit an experience is to betray it.   —   Elie Wiesel


Not long ago, I found myself in the office of a corporate CEO. This fellow is known as a philanthropist, and I was trying for YEARS to meet with him.

After exchanging pleasantries, he became very serious. "If your own readers don't support you," he asked from behind his wide mahogany desk, "then why should I?"

Was the question insensitive? Obviously. But he had a point.

Unlike the CEO, there should be no reason for me to make a "pitch" to you about what JWR is --- and why it needs support.

We defend the values YOU hold dear and do so with elegance and eloquence.

And yet and yet, we need more and more of our readers to care -- that means you, all of you -- that we have the resources to keep on keeping on. (I'm SINCERELY grateful to those who have contributed!)

For those who aren't aware, JWR is not some multi-million dollar company.

To be blunt: We need your help and we need it now.

As much as I like to think positively -- it's my nature -- there comes a time when reality sets in. After discussing JWR's situation with "experts," we decided on a few possible scenarios. Here they are. We could

1) reduce our publishing schedule to twice or three times weekly.

2) become a subscription-only service with a semi-annual charge

3) offer free and "premium" tracks, which would require a fee

4) spruce up our advertising by adding pop-ups. (They are annoying, but they pay well.)

I would like things to stay the way they are, but without funding it's an impossibility.

What we have NO intention of doing is folding. We know the impact we are having in the cultural debate. And, then, there all of those warm letters we receive.

I am NOT asking you to stop reading if you can't make a donation. But I AM reassuring you that you need not be embarrassed if you can only give a small amount.

Whatever the amount, it will be greatly appreciated. At this point, ANYTHING, and I do mean ANYTHING, is better than nothing. Let's not be forced to change how JWR is run.

I've quoted the CEO. Now, let me quote a reader, James Graper: "Should I trust you with my mind but not my money?"

Donations are tax deductible.

To give electronically, please click HERE.

Interested in donating by conventional mail? Please click HERE.

In gratitude and friendship,
Binyamin L. Jolkovsky,
Editor in Chief

[ J E W I S H  L I V I N G ]

Revelation: The basis of faith
By Rabbi Pinchas Stolper

At Shavous, when Jews the world over relive the Encounter at Sinai, an in-depth look by a noted Jewish thinker on one of Judaism's fundamental beliefs.

Shavuos: A wedding for the ages
By Rabbi Yonason Goldson

After escaping Egypt, the ancient Hebrews were led to a to a glamorous sandy and desolate wilderness. It was there, that they were "betrothed" to the Creator. Ever wonder why?

jerusalem diarist
A bad movie that
seems will never end

By Harvey Tannenbaum

Our man in Israel, a "settler", captures the pulse of the nation like few others can. And today, even more so.

[ D A I L Y  I N S P I R A T I O N ]

Loving Kindness: Daily lessons that will transform you A Good Name (BRAND NEW SERIES!)

[ L I F E S T Y L E S ]

The Technology Maven by Mark A. Kellner: Toshiba's Twisting Tablet PC

Evan Weiner: Score one for Jeb

Lori Borgman: Good examples of bad parenting

Study: Fast-action video games boost speed, efficiency of thinking

Predatory loan scams targeting U.S. soldiers

Thanks to open adoption rules, kids grow up knowing who they are and where they came from

90-year-old hiker not slowing down

Consumer Reports on JWR: Tracking the best portable navigation systems

Everyday Cheapskate: Readers' wisdom

[ I N S I G H T ]

Dick Morris: Napoleon's maneuvers at Austerlitz have nothing on prez's

Michelle Malkin: Ashcroft vs. the Chicken Littles — again

Joe Scarborough: 'The Real Deal' on Hillary's book deal

Tom Purcell: An Open Letter to Bill and Hillary

Nat Hentoff: Color-coded executions

Mona Charen: Caution: Reality Ahead (MUST READ!)

MUGGER: Theo Epstein's Rocky Start

Leonard Pitts, Jr: Misplaced sympathies

Jonah Goldberg: DNC's layoffs undermine Dems' diversity rhetoric

The Reliable Source by Lloyd Grove: Incoming from Barbara Bush?

Ian Shoales: Here, Spike (BITING!)

Art Buchwald: OUT of GAS

Argus Hamilton's political zingers!

Greg Crosby: Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse (GREAT!)

Linda Chavez: Time to refuse to support schools that fail to teach

Marianne M. Jennings: Misplaced anxieties

Bob Tyrrell: Hillary-ous is pathetic

Roger Simon: Secret Service would have helped Hillary wring Bubba's neck

Michael Ledeen: Academic Standards: A Middle East scholar has his way with the truth.

The Medicine Men: Soaring Medical Costs: Rational ignorance or rational enlightenment?

Jane R. Eisner: Folk heroes of violence: Tyson, Rudolph wouldn't be celebs without some support (THOUGHT PROVOKING!)

Jay D. Homnick: Is Castro convertible?

George Will: Baseball Uncorked

Suzanne Fields: High tech hubris: When a person becomes a product

As indictment nears, prowls Connecticut for diva doubles
  —  Andy Borowitz

Larry Elder: DEM PARTY -- RACIST!?

Ann Coulter: We don't care

Cal Thomas: It's the economy, genius!

Thomas Sowell: International affirmative action

[ W O R T H  1 0 0 0  W O R D S  ]

Mallard Filmore

Lurie's World (PERFECT!)

Mike Lukovich

Jack Higgins

Jeff Stahler

Jake Fuller

Ed Gamble

Gary Varvel

Wayne Stayskal

Steve Kelley

J.D. Crowe

Michael Ramirez

(Attention working columnists and editorial cartoonists: Think you have what it takes to be featured on JWR? Drop us a note by clicking here. Readers, please make suggestions, as well.)

[ F A S T  P O L I T I C S  ]

Find Jewish Learning in Your Area


Joel Mowbray: 'What most Jews don't want to verbalize is that they know, deep down, this is never going to stop'

Michael Currie Schaffer: When Monica takes to the streets, Iraqis notice


Martin Peretz: Honors

Dr. Debby Schwarz Hirschhorn: Confessions of a religious feminist, Part II


Rabbi Berel Wein: The Incredible Shrinking People

Jonathan Tobin: Bush's flight plan to nowhere


Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.: 'Road trap' for America, too


Cal Thomas: The Threat Among Us

Mona Charen: The suffering Palestinians

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky: What part of homicide bombing doesn't the world understand!? (WARNING! Not for the apathetic or squeamish)

Victor J. Wishna: Hip-Hop Mameleh

Jennifer Seigel: Why has a new kosher cookbook sold over 24,000 copies in a week?

Michael Freund: Bush's Choice: Powell or the Prophets? (IMPORTANT!)

Five Towns Radio

Doug Marlette: How do you say "freedom of speech" in Arabic?

Nadia Matar: Jane in Jerusalem

Bill Bennett, Jack Kemp, and Jeane Kirkpatrick: Twenty Facts about Israel and the Middle East (IMPORTANT!)

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