Aural Torah / Hear O Israel
May 6, 1998 / 10 Iyar, 5758

A Taste of Torah / The Best of Olomeinu with Steven Hill

The classic Judaic radio show "A Taste of Torah" presents Jewish perspectives on:

The holiness of Eretz Israel, with noted author and historian Rabbi Beryl Wein, and Rabbi Joseph Grunblatt of Touro College (5/6/98)
Morality in warfare (2/3/98)

The Best of Olomeinu (Our World), with Steven Hill Law and Order's "Manhattan District Attorney Adam Schiff" has donned a yarmulke and traded in his law books for America's longest-running Jewish children's magazine. Pull up a seat to hear actor Steven Hill read stories of inspiration from Olomeinu.

Through the Moonlit Night, as adapted by Rabbi Elchonon Wengrove
The True Patron
The Rabbi's Dilemma


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