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Karma Takes Wing | Inexplicable

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published April 19,2018

Karma Takes Wing | Inexplicable

A Canada goose got its final revenge on Feb. 1 when, after being shot out of the sky by a hunter in Easton, Maryland, it struck Robert Meilhammer, 51, of Crapo, Maryland, seriously injuring the waterfowler. NPR reported that Meilhammer was hunting with a group when one of the large geese flying overhead was killed and fell about 90 feet, landing on Meilhammer's head and knocking him out. It also dislodged two of Meilhammer's teeth. Adult Canada geese weigh about 12 to 14 pounds and can have a wingspan of 6 feet. At press time, Meilhammer was in stable condition after being airlifted to a hospital. [NPR, 2/4/2018]

SOMEBODY in Muskegon, Michigan, didn't want the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl LII. Immediately following the Eagles' victory over the New England Patriots on Feb. 4, Subaru of Muskegon ran an ad on local NBC affiliate WOOD-TV that featured 30 seconds of silence and a written message: "Congratulations Patriots!" WOOD-TV reported via Twitter that the business had submitted only one version of the ad and had specified that it run regardless of the game's outcome. [United Press International, 2/5/2018]