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Jewish World Review
April 14, 2002
Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxis and cutting hair.   —   George Burns

[ J E W I S H  L I V I N G ]

Before there were 'Palestinians,' there was Arafat: The making of a 'statesman'

By Martin Peretz

Yasir Arafat, of course, has never been finicky about terrorism, and his long history on that score mocks America's calls for him to renounce the only craft he has ever truly known. Arafat's debut on the world stage coincides with the beginning of the Palestinian revolution, which, it is urgent to recall, commenced at least three years before the Six Day War.

This means that Arafat started the Palestine Liberation Organization before one Israeli ever stepped foot into the West Bank or Gaza Strip--or, for that matter, prayed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem or walked in the city's ancient Jewish Quarter. There were no "occupied territories" back then, and there weren't really any disputed territories either--except in the heads of the Palestinians.

Discover the World of Jewish Music

reality check
Is it 1938 again for the Jews?
By Dennis Prager

This is the scariest time for Jews since the Holocaust.

The Jews are being abandoned. Again.

From the Jews' perspective, the world can be divided into three groups -- those that hate the Jews and want them dead, those that ignore this hatred and aid the haters, and Americans.

Lebanon: The Fuse
for Armageddon

By Charles Krauthammer

Just end the occupation of the West Bank, say the Arabs, and we will guarantee Israel peace. Do you want to see Israel's future if it caves in to that demand? Look at Lebanon, where Israel gave up a defensive occupation and is now looking squarely in the face of Armageddon.

[ D A I L Y  I N S P I R A T I O N ]

"Been there; done that"

[ L I F E S T Y L E S ]

Bruce Williams on JWR: Will leaves out spouse; Contribute to a Roth IRA instead of the state program?

Dr. Robert A. Wascher's science and health report: Fish & Omega-3 fatty acid consumption and cardiac health; news briefs

[ I N S I G H T ]

Jonathan Turley: The importance of being nameless

Argus Hamilton's daily chuckle (ZINGERS GALORE!)

Legal Move Cements Enron CEO's Sleazebag Status   —  Andy Borowitz

Bill Steigerwald's On Media: Newsweek puts suicide bombing in perspective

Lori Borgman: What to cook or not to cook

Andrei Codrescu: DRACULA-LAND

Bob Greene: What's a 3-letter word
that means Sioux City?

Wendy McElroy: Victims From Birth: Engineering Defects in Helpless Children Crosses the Line (OUTRAGEOUS!)

Jules Witcover: Bush's vacillations

Leonard Pitts, Jr: Until all the bad guys wear black hats

Diana West: Egyptian clerics solicit martyrs for murder

The Medicine Men: Insure the 'crazies'? (CONTROVERSIAL!)

Jeff Jacoby: The slavery reparations hustle

Michael Long: McGovern's Respectful Dissent

Joel Mowbray: Sexually Explicit "Abstinence" Education?

Larry Elder: Hardened hearts teaching 'Palestinian' children (SUPERB!)

Michelle Malkin: MTV's drunken stupor

Dick Morris: Bush must be a gentle partisan


Thomas Sowell: Firing people

[ W O R T H  1 0 0 0  W O R D S  ]

Mallard Filmore

Lurie's World

Jeff Koterba

Bob Gorrell

Mike Shelton

Jack Higgins

Gary Varvel

(Att. working columnists and editorial cartoonists: Think you have what it takes to be featured on JWR? Drop us a note. And readers: We're always open for suggestions!)

[ F A S T  P O L I T I C S  ]


Binyamin Netanyahu: 'The motivating force behind terror is neither desperation nor destitution --- it's hope' (MUST-READ!)

Norman Doidge: Evil's Advantage Over Conscience: Why the West gives Yasser Arafat endless second chances

Michael Kelly: Peace in Mideast will only be brought about through war

Jeff Jacoby: Peace at any price = war

George Will: When 'nuance' excuses terror

Cal Thomas: Evidence That Demands A Verdict

David Horowitz: A Middle East history primer

Mark Steyn: Arafat has begun his countdown to oblivion. Now it's time to crush the Palestinian uprising

Robert Tracinski: LIVE FROM RAMALLAH: The Theater of the Absurd

Yaffa Ganz: Intriguing questions on contemporary Mideast issues

Jonathan Tobin: The backlash against Israeli self-defense is pure hypocrisy

Daniel Belasco: Yiddish's new frequency

Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder: And you never thought that Arabs could do things efficiently!

Ask Wendy: Multiples for mom; partners and martyrs; I'm a gentile --- should I explore Judaism's spiritual side?

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