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April 8, 2002
Jewish Art Network
Wisdom is to the soul what food is to the body.   —   ibn-Ezra

[ J E W I S H  L I V I N G ]

Banish Arafat Now!

By Charles Krauthammer

American critics, beginning with the secretary of state, object to this goal of destroying Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority. As The Washington Post explained in an editorial, we need the continued presence of "the leadership of the Palestinian Authority as well as its principal security services," because they have been "the only available instruments for stopping Palestinian terrorism."

Good grief. Instruments for stopping terrorism? They are instruments for aiding and abetting, equipping and financing, supporting and glorifying terrorism, which they call "martyrdom operations." The question of capabilities is irrelevant. Of course they have the capability. But they have no intention of exercising it.

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reality check
Peace at any price = war
By Jeff Jacoby

Israel is at war today because it refused to see that dictators bent on conquest can never be appeased, only defeated. It craved peace at any price, craved it so madly that it was willing to overlook even the murder of its own sons and daughters. In so doing, it emboldened the murderers -- and achieved not peace, but its opposite.

shticks and groans
And you never thought that Arabs could do things efficiently!
By Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder

If a burglar who had already broken into your house three times before said to you: "I recognize that you have a right to believe that I would not burglarize your house again," would such a declaration by the thief be considered "a good first step" in preventing him from trying to rob it again? Would the fact that he previously burglarized it three times make it more or less likely that he would do what he intended to do, no matter what he said? Yet, this moronic quid pro quo was what brought the Arab leaders together recently.

[ D A I L Y  I N S P I R A T I O N ]

Laws and wisdom

[ L I F E S T Y L E S ]

Consumer Reports on JWR: Dealing with disaster

Dr. Peter Gott: How to stop recurring ulcers in my mouth and on my lips; How much exercise is enough?

[ I N S I G H T ]

Dick Morris: Focus on Iraq, not the Palestinians

Argus Hamilton's daily chuckle (ZINGERS GALORE!)

Art Buchwald: The Young Audience

Uses Little-Known 'Talk-show Host Exemption' to Avoid National Service   —  Andy Borowitz

Lewis A. Fein: Moral Confusion at 1600

Julia Gorin: A League of Their Own

Don Feder: Curious George myopic on Middle East

Wesley Pruden: A muddled message to the Middle East (GREAT!)

David Limbaugh: Undermining the justness of our cause

Leonard Pitts, Jr: Just me and the boys: A black father's road trip

Mort Kondracke: Reform's Dark Side: Longer Campaigns, Nastier Advertising

Jules Witcover: N.H.: Another political third rail

Michael Barone: Off the Side Track: President Bush must concentrate on taking the war against terrorism to Iraq

Michael Ledeen Gulled: In the Middle East, Arafat doesn't matter (SMART!)

Jack Kelly: Saddam's American friends

Bob Greene: What Nixon's best friend couldn't buy

Nat Hentoff: Global suicide bombers?

Amity Shlaes: Is terror the flip side of globalization? (EXCELLENT!)

Larry Kudlow: Why not McTeer?

Jonah Goldberg: The argument against Arafat

Suzanne Fields: Targeting tots for TV (SUPERB!)

George Will: Dark? "Oklahoma!" Critics Don't Know America

Cal Thomas: Truth, but no consequences

Thomas Sowell: Why economists are not popular

[ W O R T H  1 0 0 0  W O R D S  ]

Mallard Filmore

Lurie's World

Jack Higgins (HOW TRUE!)

Mike Shelton

Michael Ramirez (PRINT IT!)

David Cox

Gary Varvel

(Att. working columnists and editorial cartoonists: Think you have what it takes to be featured on JWR? Drop us a note. And readers: We're always open for suggestions!)

[ F A S T  P O L I T I C S  ]


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