March 5th, 2021


Fun With Pennies

News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

By News of the Weird by Chuck Shepherd

Published Jan., 9, 2017

Fun With Pennies

Robert Napolitan, 34, was arrested in Taylor, Pennsylvania, in September and charged with theft of a drum containing 300,000 pennies from his employer, Pyne Freight Lines. That steel drum weighs several tons and, of course, netted Napolitan only $3,000. (By contrast, in New York City's Diamond District in September, a brazen thief made off with a 5-gallon drum containing 86 pounds of something else -- gold flakes, valued at more than $1 million -- and is still at large.)

For some reason, according to a High Point, North Carolina, TV report, Larry Hall of Randolph County took seven-plus weeks out of his life recently and glued pennies to cover (except for windows and chrome) his 2000 Chevrolet Blazer (a total of 51,300 coins). [Times-Tribune (Scranton, Pa.), 9-9-2016] [New York Daily News, 10-1-2016] [WGHP-TV (High Point, N.C.), 10-3-2016]